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Our expertise - more than 20 years - covers different fields

Why you should really think of retaining us.


We are EU certified for: 

agronomy, arboriculture, bio-engineering, green restoration techniques,

(for damaged landscapes, wildfires, erosion, pollution, et cetera), consulting for real estates, environmental appraisal, erosion control, forestry, landscape architecture, green architecture, master planning, phyto-remediation, restoration forestry, silviculture, soil conservation practices, stream restoration, sustainable and landscape restoration, sustainable design, urban design, vertical gardens & rooftops design

...and more...

environmental studies,



#EIA, Environmental Impact Assessment, #PER, Preliminary Environmental Reports, #VIA, Visual Impact Assessment,

and other reports related to any new project are often required by the Environmental Authorities all over the world.



#LEED based Studies,

similar, et c. are part of our production.

Feel free to inquiry for any project. 


agronomy and forestry studies and reports

Water, soil, noise, crops, vegetation analyses, trees stability, #VTA assessments.

Farms and Tree Nursery studies, reports on vegetation, existing sites, new and old Farms, their production. 

Sustainable #Forest​ry, polluted areas, #restoration works, #bioengineering #remediation projects, et cetera,

Feel free to inquiry for any scale project.


environmental journalism, photo reportages,

We are also member of SEJ, Society of Environmental Journalists, and always ready for freelance assignments.

We also contribute, regularly, to different webzines.

master plans
landscape architecture,
outdoor lighting
pools and water features
design, specifications

Master Plans, Landscape Design solutions, for indoor and outdoor.

Concept, Detailed design and Tender, including, where required, supervision, construction assistance, revision, botanical plans, irrigation and outdoor lighting included.


Anywhere in the world.


Research, historical and traditional appreciation, bio-mimicry oriented. 


Modern and classic solutions, for any scale and environment.









Always exclusive design.   


Vertical gardens.

Green walls.

Natural paintings.

Modern and classic design.

Hydroponic and with soil containers from Vertiss.

Adaptable and stunning in any indoor and outdoor spaces.

In cooperation with many Interior Design Firms.

Personalized for your needs, corporate settings, offices, showrooms. 

Inquiry for a personal visit and quotations.