We are looking for a new junior #intern - #landscape architecture.


If You are a brilliant person - already in #Dubai - only - then read on.


Seriously if you are overseas or on a distant galaxy somewhere - and also in nearby towns without efficient transportation - there is no need to bother.


You rock/excel - we'll test You so no lies - in #autocad, 3D, #revit, #lumion3d.


You had at least one previous experience in



detail design




with a strong genuine desire to learn.


We are plastic, elastic and fantastic.


Attitude wise we need someone willing to smile and go the extra mile.


An open mind is needed - we play cool music in the Studio - and we chat a lot like humans.


Also a dog lover as our Mascot is often visiting. She is judgmental.


No long faces, posers, time wasters, googlearchitects AKA copy machines with no brain, wannabe designers and bored girls/kids on Facebook/TikTok/et similia the whole time.


No dress code is required but personal hygiene is.


To apply send us an email with a short bio and a clear picture of you and/or a video. A portfolio with Your real contribution/work is welcome. We will ask you about it. Spare us the one done with your university classmates for the same typical house in that mediterranean island or the public library.


email us at with the subject:



A signed NDA is paramount.

Agreement and conditions might vary and will be discussed/disclosed in person.


Post Scriptum

Placement agencies/head hunters/labour agent (these last one we call an organism that lives in or on another organism - its host - and benefits by deriving nutrients at the host's expense) can avoid emailing/contacting us and go straight to the back of the line - outside with no seat nor drinks, in the scorching heat.