: : the studio : :​

We are a Unique and ​highly specialized Environmental Design Consulting firm,​ a young and dynamic establishment​​​, your Boutique Firm.

European certified, owned and managed.

We’re ready to assist you anytime and for all your needs and projects.

Made in Italy

ambientStudio was founded in Firenze, Tuscany, 1991.

We're offering design & sustainable solutions for natural and urban landscapes.

We create, improve and restore natural and urban landscapes with art, creativity, imagination, science and the practice of utilizing the elements of the environment.

Our goal is to provide for human needs while simultaneously maintaining and enhancing the diversity and the integrity of our ecosystems.

: : This is our Philosophy : :​​

​Quality of life, responsible consumption, understanding the meaning of the elements in our surroundings, recognizing historical values yet leading with innovation to enrich your environment and add beauty to the world.

We provide detailed analysis and creative, sustainable design executed with imagination, innovation with respect for tradition and in harmony with the environment.

Seeking to attribute new values and new ways to interact with our surroundings, we follow the concept of "slow living". This is not a false touch of eco-friendliness created only to legitimize new projects or trends