ambientStudio realizes also images and video for architecture - real estate created in virtual way through the most modern techniques and technologies of computer-graphics.

We use photorealistic rendering techniques with generation process that allows a realistic virtual image to be obtained from a computer-generated three-dimensional model.

The realization of photorealism is the result of a series of procedures, the first of all a very complex mathematical elaboration that allows to calculate the dimensions of the objects within a scene, accurately defining the laws of optics typical of the real world such as the light, reflection, refraction, etc.

Our service includes rendering, both during modeling and in the composition of the scene.

The costs of the service depend on the purpose for which the rendering is carried out, and which we have divided into two categories:

1- Rendering for images to be published on Internet sites, at low resolution

2 - Rendering for images to be printed on paper, in high resolution

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