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Made in Italy.

Founded in Firenze1991

No animals were harmed in the making.​

The images on this website are part of our work, research, design, imagination, contribution, as main designers, as project leaders, as design team coordinators or design managers, by myself, ourself, for our private and public Clients, and also for other Clients including professional services with other Firms and Professionals that have retained us for our intellectual services. Their purpose in this website is only to describe our skills and the range of expertise offered.

Our professional, intellectual contribution to the same projects remains ours and within the rights to use the images in a fair way without prejudice any legitimate interests. Respective and quoted architectural works, if any, built and unconstructed, also embodied in unpublished plans or drawings are subject to protection in some Countries. 

In case of any exception feel free to contact us and, if needed, we will quote your Firm and names.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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